Friday, December 10, 2004

work never ends...

Few days back we had 'IT for power applications' project viva. We were
completing the project till late night...there was some problem in db
connectivity which I and dixit resolved finally...I went to OBH with
Girish at 2:00 to write the CD. we were finding a computer to copy all the
stuff (src ,executables etc) and wt do i pc was full of
viruses...removing firewall is a big mistake...

We took the source/executables from dixit's pc and went for sleeping. We
thought we will wake up a bit early and write CD....I woke up at 7:40 and
woke up girish...dixit's pc was off...I went to his room and switched on
the pc and we wrote the CD was 9:20 when we reached Sir's
room and gave him the CD...

Obviously, it did not work...we showed sir the project by remote desktop.
We gave our viva and came out....We certainly realized how difficult it is
to follow iterative most of the projects we follow no model at
all...we just discuss with professor and do sth which is near to final
project...but changing requirements like this is certainly very

Finally we still have to make some changes and have to write another CD...
lets see when we will do it :)

Our PR project also got over pretty well...we showed the working demo to
Sir before anyone two days itself both these projects got
over...It was a good experience to complete 2 projs in 2 days...

Then came the final thing...I got free from all this on 1st evening...and
my FYP viva(+demo) was on 6th....I had to complete coding a client-server
modeule for parallel rendering of split images...on 2 displays...I had to
set it up on 2 systems which itself was a bit cumbersome...nirnimesh was a
great help in doing all this...

The FYP got postponed by 2 days...and guess what...sth near to impossible
happened...while I was coding on 6th morning in my room system, my PC
crashed...I was like 'what shoud i do' ... I brought my HD to lab...6th
was also one of the busy days....I had to go to finance cell for sth...I
had to meet Dr Jayanthi regarding DIP , had to meet Dr. PJN also...and had
to make my code work in CVIT (nir's system) ... We made my HD as slave on
his pc and the code was nt working....after installing chromium,GL,Qt
etc....we went back...the next day the code started working in the
morning...I made it more customizable using the 'conf' file...we tested it
on 320x240 and 800x600 images split into 4 or so and took down the
performance...I made the ppt with nirnimesh and set up the whole
demo...VLC was giving probs with we left it...

The next morning I came to lab at 10:00 and checked everythingo once...We
got a mail from Dr. PJN that we have to show everything in 10 mins
itself...thought it was too less but we was already 20 mins
later than schedule when my turn came ... I gave the presentation and
showed the went fine....

Since then I have nt done anything...I have seen movies...played
games...the new game which I have started playing is
game...I also defeated Amal (i had one hard) for which he took revenge

Our trip to shimla is also stuck up...Amal andI have to get permission
from Dr. PJN for it...I dont know what will happen...such a big program
will go down the will be awful...

Today we went out for was by tintin...we went to fortune
kakatiya hotel...the buffet was great...there were so many things...I ate
a hell lot...then we went for 'Ocean's 12', it was too bad in comparison
to 'ocean's 11' ... the movie was going no where deterministically...we
finally reached here at 1:30 and now I am here...its 2:06AM and now I am
going to hostel... (not blogging frm room as pc crashed)...


Tuesday, December 7, 2004

tomorrow I have my FYP viva/demo...things seem to work a bit...but
I need two systems on which I have to set up the whole thing...I am
showing VLC streaming (FYP-II) and ImageSplitting/chromium (FYP-I) on 2
systems. The basis of both these projects is one i am
transmitting geometry stream...thats opengl commands, in other i am
sending images, and the other videos....

We have to take some time out to prepare for ACM also..its
perperation just stopped becoz of PR/ITfP/FYP/ACG all of
them seems to be lets get to work...


Monday, December 6, 2004

few cool incidents

one fine day , i was sitting in batoora's room and amal went to wake up
visesh to go to bank (which i said he wont go)..amal goes and knocks his
Visesh says 'Has the qualification round for Fighting started'
There are so many fighters, so they needed a qualification round....come
amal is wondering , i am wondering...visesh comes to batoora's room and I
him what is it...he sees around and goes back...
after sometime he comes and says 'kuch sweet hai' and he says u wont
understand about the 'qualification round' and went away...most probably
sleep...he he he

The movie for the week was put up...
choices were ... 'catch me if u can', 'proof of life', 'patriot'
we wanted to see 'proof of life' ... and the votes were high for it
some time back...
we saw again on friday and wt do we see, it has got 123 votes and
'catch me if u can' has got what do we do...we start voting from
and it reaches 130...still low
we send a mail from 'root@' to ug4@ and guess what in 10 mins it crosses
count....currently it is 144-139 lead... :) thats ug4