Saturday, October 16, 2004

Sunday Times

Some of the good things that came in Sunday times....

The interview of Baichung Bhutia was very inspiring...The punchline of his interview was "Move on, forget the past. Every day is a new day."

few quotations...

People wont remember what you did. People wont remember what you said. But people will remember how you made them feel.

- Neale Donald Walsch

Dont cry over someone who wont cry over you.

- Julia Roberts

Love is giving someone the ability to destroy you, but trusting them not to.

- Anonymous


There was an article on "Ease your mind" which was really effective...

"I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it. And

so it is with you...we are in charge of our attitudes"--Charles Swindoll

Here goes -->

"Although we may not be aware of them, we all have personal philosophies that shape how we view the world. These philosophies color our interpretation of events in our lives--both good and bad--and more importantly, how we respond to those events. We've all heard some of the more popular philosophies--e.g. when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. But, have you stopped to think about the philosophies that guide and shape your particular worldview?

When life gets hectic, and things don't seem to be going your way, following are some philosophies you can adopt that will indeed, enable you to take those lemons and make the very best lemonade!

1. Mistakes are the stepping stones to mastery

I love watching funny sitcom and movie out-takes--especially when I've already seen the finished product. Nothing illustrates this concept better. We can learn so many lessons: that humor can get us through the fumbles; that others are there to lend a hand if we allow them; that no one is perfect, not even Robert Deniro; that there's always a chance for another take; and most importantly, that if we persist, we can eventually master the task at hand and no one would be the wiser!

2. If you truly believe in you, you're one-up already

Any top salesman will tell you that he cannot fully succeed if he doesn't believe in his product. Whenever we pitch ourselves--be it for a promotion, a lead role, or a new job--just how effective we are, is largely determined by our own self-confidence and esteem. Think about the times you've been fully confident in your abilities, and how easy it was to convince others of the same. And then, think about the times you may not have been as confident--was it as easy to be convincing?

3. Perfection, like a brand new car, is customizable

What's your idea of a perfect life? I bet, if you asked five other people they would all tell you something different. Commercials and ads appeal to our recognition of a well-marketed American Dream (i.e. the house with the white picket fence, a dog, and 2.5 children), but we all know there is no universal definition of "perfection." The key is to define it for yourself, based on your Personal Values, and then to aggressively pursue it despite differences in opinion about what may constitute "perfection."

4. Disappointment in oneself only stems from the knowledge that we CAN do better

Deep down, we all know what we're really capable of. The key then, is to figure out what forms of support enable us to be our best. Reality is, there will be times when you fall, and when you do, revisit philosophy #1.

5. Motherhood means you're already an achiever

Sacrificing vanity, comfort, and balance for 10 months? Creating a life? What could be more magnificent?

6. If you're afraid to make the jump, you can always get a hang glider

Look inside to find out what keeps you from creating the life you really want to be living. If your life or career goal appears to you to be a most daunting mountain, know that you don't have to face it alone. Family, friends, or a personal coach can help you to safely navigate, and enjoy your experience conquering that mountain.

7. Sometimes you have to tolerate the cacophony before you can find the harmony

Well, maybe Mozart didn't have to. But for the rest of us, experimenting with how something works, will enable us to eventually hit on all the wonderful possibilities. In order to learn to play a guitar, for example, we need to learn how to hold it, and then the sounds each string makes all along the neck. Once we learn this, we are then equipped to play the harmonies involving multiple strings. But be sure, along the way, as you experiment, there will be noise!

8. There is no one else in the world who knows everything that you know

Your life is like no other. You are a unique individual. When it feels like others around you may be smarter, recognize that every piece of knowledge you've gathered over the years is unique to you and while someone else may seem to know more than you do about a particular thing, they can't possibly know every thing that you do!

9. The work will be there tomorrow

Yes, this is a good thing. This means, that you can comfortably say no to laundry today to catch that game on TV, or meet an old friend. The laundry, like a true friend, will still be there tomorrow.

10. For every 1 thing you regret, there are always 100 more to be thankful for

So many of us spend a lot of energy focusing on what we don't have, or what didn't go our way. Meanwhile the sun is shining, the sky is blue, the grass is green, the sky is starry, our health is good, our children are beautiful... Try this on--next time something disappointing happens, shift your focus instead to identifying 100 things that you do have to be thankful for. Then, figure out how you can channel all that wonderful positive energy into achieving whatever it is you seek! "


Susan Eckert, MA, Personal and Professional Life Coach


Then there was an artical -- "When is enough , enough"

When is enough, enough?

by Edward B. Toupin

I had the most interesting discussion today with a friend of mine. He and I were chatting about the economy, his job, families, and life in general. The one point that he kept raising was that of his "needing to do more" to pay the bills, be with his family, get promoted at work, fix the hot water heater, etc. It's always the "need to do more" to better accommodate more.

I had to stop and think for a minute --- more for more? That doesn't make sense! If you have to do more, to handle more, yet there is no more time and energy and your quality of life decreases with each "more" you acquire --- that means that somewhere in the prior "mores" was a break-even point. There must have been some point in there were "more" was enough and everything was great --- yet we missed the peak because we were busily looking at something "more".

Is less more?

I always wondered what that meant --- "less is more". Actually, you have to have something to begin with to have less and know what this means. I remember during the fires in Colorado --- we went from living in a gorgeous, huge house, on a mountain, to living in a pickup truck and hotel room for two weeks. We had much less --- but at that time we had everything we needed: my wife, myself, and the two dogs. We were safe and realized that nothing else mattered --- our peak? Perhaps. But, life went on and we rebuilt our lives around necessities instead of "more". We now have everything we need, and a few things we want, but we looked for that break even point and are now happier than ever before.

Where is my break even?

This point is different for everyone, but the break even point, I've found, is when you have everything that satisfies your core needs in life and you have the opportunity to take the time and enjoy them all. Everything beyond that point begins to put stress on your life, love, and career and the quality of life begins to decrease because of the amount of energy and time involved in maintaining the "more".

The best way to determine your break even point on your quality of life is to examine your basic needs such as food, water, air, relationships, love, and self-satisfaction. Once you've satisfied your core requirements of existence, then you can move forward to attain your self-realization and achieve those things that you want to define your life.

Many times, people grasp and grab at anything they can because they are looking for something to satisfy their needs and desires. In the process, they acquire a tremendous amount of unnecessary clutter in their life and begin to run into time and resource issues. But, they have all of this "stuff" to find that it was nothing that they needed or wanted to satisfy their lives.

To achieve your break even, you have to analyze what you want in life and only acquire those things, material and spiritual, that are of benefit to your ultimate Vision and goals. Realize that, if it doesn't drive your life forward, then it isn't necessary! Perhaps you want family, career, and financial stability so that you can enhance your quality of life. Indeed, a valiant goal, but what is keeping your from achieving this goal?

What's next?

I am not saying that you should live in squalor! I am saying, live a life that is full and rich, but do so in such a way that is beneficial to your Vision and does not diminish your quality of life. Establish a Vision, define your Mission, and streamline your life to achieve your goals. Don't meander through life and grab at just anything to fill voids and dreams. Take hold of those things that mean something and truly fulfill your dreams!


Edward Toupin


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Sagar Rastogi said...

The article, 'When is enough, enough' was really interesting and thought provoking. I cannot determine my break-even point. I think I will always want more than the next guy, anyway :( What abt u?