Saturday, June 19, 2004


we work in the weekdays, and in the weekends we DONT go out...someone or other says "I will go to GE on saturday" and everyone follows

i talked to darbari on phone abt the plan for on..the conversation

me:'hi db, where shud we meet'

db:hi time, lets go pub

me:coooool, me ready , wait i will ask others (sunny had already talked to him)

me to amal: amal we r goin to MG Road (nice place, pub there) to a pub, we will come back by 10 or stay with darbari or sth like that

amal: I am not coming so far now

me : sorry db, amal not coming

db: (he talked to amal)

db to me:what abt piyush

(i asked piyush)

piyush : if amal is not going i will also not come

me (to db) : sorry yaar, if these two not comin , no use of 2 of us (sunny and me) comin there...(at 7:15 , its diff coming back to the place we r living in late in night)

db : ok , wht abt tomorrow

me : amal's proj guide is goin for trekkin tomorrow i will ask him to talk to him

db : ok go ahead

me (to amal) : amal u have ur proj guide's no , ask him abt places around banga, where we can hangout for a day (sunday)

amal : You talk to him

me (i am frustrated by now) : what is ur problem

amal : ok!!! (he also got frustoo finally)

me (more frustoo) --- me and db made plans for tomorrow, plans r still in progress...tried karnataka tourism phone and other phones...nobody picking...current plan : goin to nandi hills...lets c what happens....

sunny is frustoo that i did nt go with him to MG road becoz of amal/piyush as both of them were not coming....amal frustoo becoz i shouted at him...i am anyway frustooo.....piyush is coool still...

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